Toxic Parenting

Depression and anxiety have become so common in our society that now people don’t think of it as a big thing. It has triggered so much of mental health problems within us that we lack basic decency to communicate with the other person.
In our society, there are alot of people who have this typical mindset that if a couple is facing some sort of difficulty in their relationship especially when it’s from an emotional perspective then the best way to solve it is have children. Unfortunately, children are considered as a form of security for the married couples. If a person is going through a rough patch in their married lives then the easiest and the most convenient suggestion people give is to have children because our elders are of this notion that they bring stability into a person’s life. They make a person’s life complete because then the couple is bound to stay in that relationship for a lifelong time. They have to bear with each other problems forever because they cannot leave behind as they don’t have any choice rather than to accept each other with such a toxic setup. Then after some years that same child goes through a mental havoc in his life by seeing his parents constantly fighting and mocking one another just because they’re still not reached that point in their relationship which could bring them that affirmation and comfort which they always wanted from one another. In my opinion, no child deserves to go through this horrendous shit because it does effects him in some way or the other later on his life. Children are not an experimental machine on which parents can implement their obnoxious strategies and practices. They should be treated with utmost gentleness and care so that they feel confident about themselves. I’m sure everyone of us as a child has been lectured about parents rights according to an Islamic perspective that we should always be bound to obey them no matter what the circumstances are but no one rarely speaks on the rights of children. I really hope someday our society actually gets to understand that we as humans are very adaptive to the environment around and so the parents should try their best to behave in a more respectable way with each other and leave a good example for their children which will help them shape their mental health in a very progressive way.


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