Want to know the secret behind my aesthetics relationship?

Anything beautiful with a touch of artisticity is my idea about aesthetics. Something that you really connect to and you feel that you’re comfortable with ot even if you are not feeling okay. In today’s blog I am going to tell you about my most favourite aesthetics relationship which is between books and nature.

You can really go creative with books aesthetics. Trust me! 💗

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.


Yes apparently reading books has always been my most favourite thing to do since my childhood days and I still don’t know that how it happened because nobody from my family told me that you should read books. It just came all very natural within me. I still remember I always used to have this aesthetic kind of a feeling with books because when I was in grade 4 I issued the book “Around the world in eighty days “. I started reading the book on the same day when I issued it from the library on my way back to home on the school bus. I actually was so engrossed in the story that for once I imagined myself as a part of the novel and it took me to several different places that Mr. Fogg went to. This is the power that a book hold over me and to be honest I am glad that it is this way. Now when I have grown up, I prefer reading books in a peaceful and isolated kind of a place with a cup of tea and my favourite chips to go with it.

The reason why I love reading books is because firstly it takes you to another world with the characters. I still remember when I read “A tale of two cities ” by Charles Dicken I was visualisng myself into the desolated streets of paris. Secondly, I think books are a person’s best friend because it takes you from the worries in this world and transforms you into a completely fictional world which is best to enjoy when you’re not feeling yourself Preferably, my love for books has been instilled in me for a long time now and honestly telling I am actually very fond of myself that I have this keen interest.

So preferably, my love for books and it’s related aesthetics has evolved into a much better way now. Some of my most likable books aesthetics are:

1) A cup of tea with a packet of crisps, pakoras

2) A rainy time of a cold winter night.

3) sitting on grass with Autumn leaves on it

4) Reading while sitting on the balcony in a mountainous area with green lush trees looking at you and enjoying the nature

5) wrapped in your comfiest blanket and reading the book.

Now that you all know the relationship of my books aesthetics with different things you can surely get alot of creativity within you as well to make a relationship with books of yours as well. I would like to know exactly what kind of relationships do you have with books. What kind of things or situations do you imagine yourself with while reading a book?

Women Empowerment is only when we as women support each other!

In this today’s modern day era when we speak of women rights and their issues why do we always consider men being the villians of every woman’s story? I am not at all saying that the problems which happen with women are not the cause of this patriarchal male dominant society but somewhere we as women and girls are also to be blamed. How many times do we see a woman being the confidence of the other woman? Speaking of domestic households, Mother In Laws are considered to be the most horrific creatures to their daughter in Laws just because they are just too insecure about their sons being more attached with their wives. A typical mentality of our brown culture households! Even in the corporate world we see so many of women trying to belittle and degrade their female collegues in a very brutal way on the basis of their personal differences. Whenever a rape or a sexual harassment issue takes place, the first one to comment anything negative about the victim is a woman. She could be her collegue, teacher, friend, or any relative. If being a woman you cannot understand the depth of the other woman’s pain and suffering then how can you expect a man to do it. A woman alone can change the dynamics of a family then just imagine the power and worth of all the women collectively trying to bring a change in the society. It will become a more progressive and an independent society. It’s often said that for women to compete with each other one really needs to put down the other woman down to show her self worth and dignity. I do not at all support this thing because by celebrating the success of one woman will never take your own glory. It will just bring more positive energy to the world as a whole. We need to stop being insecure and self centered as it will only effect us in the long run. It will only take a little bit of consideration and genuine support for all the women out there who might be going through a terrible phase of their lives because personally I feel there is nothing more amiable for a woman to boost the moral confidence of the other woman. Next time you hear any incident about sexual harassment, rape, molestation, domestic abuse never try to blame the victim. She is already going through alot at that time and the last thing you want to do is to put all the blame on her. Being a woman this is the worst thing to do! If you really cant say anything good about the victim then you better not say anything. I see so many of desi aunties trying to inculpate the victims when they clearly know that who’s at fault in such kind of incidents. A rape happened so let’s just blame the woman because yes she was out at the wrong time wearing the wrong choice of clothes, was with her male friends and the list goes on. The case of domestic abuse came forward and the women of the family will start blaming the victim because yes maybe she is the most convenient of all to put blame on. Or maybe because they are too afraid to speak against the injustice done by the man. In the corporate world, if a woman is divorced then there will be rumors about her personal life and her character will be judged by her female and male collegeues. Even in our educational sector, the female teachers are the most daunting creatures for their female students. There are so many of these kind of examples where women are being subjected to discrimination and mental torture by the hands of the women. Women empowerment can never be achieved unless and until we as women come together as one and try to overcome the social, economical, legal differences.
Let’s conclude it the very famous quote

“The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do – women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticising one another.”
Amal Clooney.