How is it like being a true foodie?

I have always loved being a foodie and it won’t be wrong to say that my love for food has evolved over the past years just because I am too much into it. Eating food is therapeutic for me as it helps me to reduce my stress levels at some time. Also, it helps me motivate myself through out my constant period cramps even though I know that mostly girls don’t feel like eating food but Thankgod this is not the case with me.

Basically, I am a Pakistani and we are known for our immense love for food. Belonging from a true cultural Lahori family, my craze for food has been a part of my traditions. From having pure desi food i.e Halwa puri, Chicken Karahi, Naan Kabab, Sajji, Barbecue to all types of fastfood, Italian and Chinese food.

So yes apparently food has been my source of comfort in all my tough times and it feels great when other people also have the same liking for food like me.

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