Want to know the secret behind my aesthetics relationship?

Anything beautiful with a touch of artisticity is my idea about aesthetics. Something that you really connect to and you feel that you’re comfortable with ot even if you are not feeling okay. In today’s blog I am going to tell you about my most favourite aesthetics relationship which is between books and nature.

You can really go creative with books aesthetics. Trust me! 💗

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.


Yes apparently reading books has always been my most favourite thing to do since my childhood days and I still don’t know that how it happened because nobody from my family told me that you should read books. It just came all very natural within me. I still remember I always used to have this aesthetic kind of a feeling with books because when I was in grade 4 I issued the book “Around the world in eighty days “. I started reading the book on the same day when I issued it from the library on my way back to home on the school bus. I actually was so engrossed in the story that for once I imagined myself as a part of the novel and it took me to several different places that Mr. Fogg went to. This is the power that a book hold over me and to be honest I am glad that it is this way. Now when I have grown up, I prefer reading books in a peaceful and isolated kind of a place with a cup of tea and my favourite chips to go with it.

The reason why I love reading books is because firstly it takes you to another world with the characters. I still remember when I read “A tale of two cities ” by Charles Dicken I was visualisng myself into the desolated streets of paris. Secondly, I think books are a person’s best friend because it takes you from the worries in this world and transforms you into a completely fictional world which is best to enjoy when you’re not feeling yourself Preferably, my love for books has been instilled in me for a long time now and honestly telling I am actually very fond of myself that I have this keen interest.

So preferably, my love for books and it’s related aesthetics has evolved into a much better way now. Some of my most likable books aesthetics are:

1) A cup of tea with a packet of crisps, pakoras

2) A rainy time of a cold winter night.

3) sitting on grass with Autumn leaves on it

4) Reading while sitting on the balcony in a mountainous area with green lush trees looking at you and enjoying the nature

5) wrapped in your comfiest blanket and reading the book.

Now that you all know the relationship of my books aesthetics with different things you can surely get alot of creativity within you as well to make a relationship with books of yours as well. I would like to know exactly what kind of relationships do you have with books. What kind of things or situations do you imagine yourself with while reading a book?

Don’t Wait for Autumn ~ The ‘Fall’ Season Has Already Arrived

The genuine humorists, as opposed to the parade of leftist political hacks that haunt the late night “comedy” shows, must be really struggling right now. If they’re looking for material, outside of their own families, that doesn’t depend on sarcasm, the scene is pretty bleak. There’s very little to laugh about in our own country right […]

Don’t Wait for Autumn ~ The ‘Fall’ Season Has Already Arrived

The season of Autumn is here ❤️

” I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ” 
L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
Do you all remember this famous dialogue from the novel “Anne of Green Gables?” I exactly don’t know the context behind this line but I do remember some scenes such as when Anne came to Green Gables for the first time, her first interaction with Marilla Cuthbert and Mathew Cuthbert, what was her initial thought after meeting them and how did she reacted when she came to know that she was not expected at Green Gables( sorry for the spoilers). I have read this novel more than 10 times and still I cannot get bored of it keeping in mind that it always bring such nostalgia in my mind. It just so amazing that you cannot get bored of it at all. I was in 7th class when I first read this novel and since then it’s one of my most favorite books.
So yeah the reason I quoted this specific dialogue of the novel in my caption because I surely can relate to Anne in some way or the other
Also, my love for imagination is also at another level just like her ❤️

The season of autumn however brings a little bit of saddens with it the leaves are falling off the trees during this time of the year but yes again there are some other things to enjoy in this season such as sipping hot coffee while watching your favourite Netflix series or gossiping with your closest friends. These are some things due to which I think autumn is one hell of a year 🍁

How is it like being a true foodie?

I have always loved being a foodie and it won’t be wrong to say that my love for food has evolved over the past years just because I am too much into it. Eating food is therapeutic for me as it helps me to reduce my stress levels at some time. Also, it helps me motivate myself through out my constant period cramps even though I know that mostly girls don’t feel like eating food but Thankgod this is not the case with me.

Basically, I am a Pakistani and we are known for our immense love for food. Belonging from a true cultural Lahori family, my craze for food has been a part of my traditions. From having pure desi food i.e Halwa puri, Chicken Karahi, Naan Kabab, Sajji, Barbecue to all types of fastfood, Italian and Chinese food.

So yes apparently food has been my source of comfort in all my tough times and it feels great when other people also have the same liking for food like me.

Mental Health

Monitoring your general wellbeing is significant so you can identify any side effects and look for proficient assistance when fundamental. While everybody is comfortable acquainted with the side effects and treatment choices for normal diseases that influence their friends and family, similar to influenza, headaches, or and (most as of late) COVID-19, many individuals are uncertain what to look like after their emotional well-being. Raising emotional well-being mindfulness can assist you with understanding your indications, discover proficient treatment, and, maybe above all, break the psychological wellness shame that leaves such countless individuals experiencing stealthily. Emotional well-being mindfulness doesn’t simply help you. Find out about emotional well-being issues can likewise help your relatives, companions, and colleagues. Three of the principle reasons why emotional wellness mindfulness is so significant are illustrated beneath:

1. Comprehend Your Symptoms

A many individuals who have psychological wellness side effects don’t really understand that their battles are an aftereffect of untreated problems. Subsequently, emotional wellness mindfulness is useful in getting you to comprehend your side effects.

While all emotional wellness conditions have various manifestations, a few signs to pay special mind to include:

Changes in dozing designs

Loss of craving

Hasty dynamic

Going to medications or liquor in snapshots of pain

Self-destructive musings

In the event that you haven’t been feeling such as yourself recently, you may have an emotional wellness issue that requires prompt treatment. All things considered, the indications of psychological well-being issues can be extraordinarily hazardous for both your enthusiastic and actual wellbeing.

2. More Behavioral Health Resources

One more critical advantage to emotional wellness mindfulness is that the more individuals think about the requirement for psychological well-being treatment, the more emotional wellness assets will open up. Without psychological well-being assets, individuals would not have the option to recuperate.

The main emotional wellness assets are:

Emotional wellness emergency clinics

Conduct wellbeing programs

12-venture programs

Clinical detox from medications and liquor

Inpatient emotional wellness treatment.

In emotional wellness emergency clinics you will have the entirety of the assets you need to recuperate from psychological well-being conditions, mend from co-happening problems, and learn procedures to keep up with your wellbeing after your time in treatment. What’s more, emotional well-being assets like emergency administration care can protect you with the goal that you can go through treatment.

3. Break the Mental Health Stigma

Above all, psychological wellness mindfulness can break the shame of requiring emotional well-being care. Having psychological well-being messes doesn’t imply that you are “insane.” In fact, emotional well-being impacts a great many individuals the nation over. With more mindfulness and the ideal psychological well-being care, you will understand that you are in good company. Having emotional well-being support draws you one stage nearer to psychological well-being recuperation.