Memories 🀍

” Yeh Yaadein kisi Dil o Janam keh chaley janey keh baad ati hain” πŸ˜’πŸ’”
Isn’t this true? When someone has been very close to you all your life and you could have never imagined your existence without them but suddenly reality hits you in the most unorganized way without any warning. You do not even have the last chance to say them a final goodbye because that’s how life is. When you are told everything seems to stop. That completely sad emotion you’ve never had before. You experience faintness and confusion as if you were falling or dreaming. Although you were informed that something might happen, you could never be fully prepared. You are completely silent and unable to speak. You become overheated and light headed but you cannot cry. To make this feeling go away, you must leave the area, make an escape and do something else. After everything you just don’t want to think it happened. A part of you wants to sob uncontrollably for the person that you’ve lost and another part of you wants strike that rage inside of you. The most important lesson that I’ve learnt from this was to cherish each moment and the memories you shared with your loved ones. After they are gone for good they will never come back. You will remember each and every thing of them, whatever they said, and how you used to spend time with them and you just wish to hug them once; tell them that how much you love them. But we all know that they are not going to come back here again. You’re only left with their memories for the rest of your lifetime that you can lean on to make your mood feel vibrant. Sometimes you will cry missing them and sometimes you will just feel like another day without them with much ease and hope. So in the end just value your family. They’re the most important people in your life who has seen you evolve into a much better person, who has witnessed you fall at the brink of an eye but they never gave up on you❀️
P.S This song is very vivid in my memories and that’s why I wanted to post something related to this song.


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